Healing Our World

March 30, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Canadian Women
Healing Our World

Our world is suffering. We have unprecedented amounts of hunger disease and a growing public health crisis reaching every corner of our globe. We can no longer carry on with our lives as though everything is business as usual. Because it isn't. This recent global pandemic is an opportunity for all of us to re examine our lives and our connection to the people and things in our world. Seeing the world's problems as someone else’s problem is not a possibility anymore: you see we share this planet with everyone and everything in it. Every woman man child every animal every corner of the earth in its air and water land and Sky is connected. For a moment I would like you to think of the earth as our Mother, and we are her children. Now I don't know about you but when I was a child if I wasn't feeling or behaving well my mother did one of two things; she Nursed me back to health with her love and perhaps some medicine or she taught me another way with some good old fashioned lessons she hoped I would learn. So the way I see it right now our mother is trying to do both of these things. That’s right, nurse us back to health, and teach us some valuable lessons.

Our mother knows that many people are suffering. According to a Stanford University recent study over 10% of the world's population are struggling with addiction, and close to 40% Of the worlds people are currently living with or have lived with a mental health condition. I know from my own experience that when we have emotional pain it often will express itself in both of these ways. For me, I lived a disconnected hopeless life for many years, I tried every self-help book, every healing modality, and found my solace usually in a bottle of wine. Now we know that that is a form of disconnecting from reality, and so that's what I did for many years and never really involved myself in thinking that I had a part to play with my earth family. But let's not forget about that mother I told you about. She's caring and kind but when she wants to teach you a lesson she will. All the years of hiding my emotional scars and not living my life's purpose finally manifested into the disease of both my mind and my body, and I literally hit rock bottom. Now when I tell you that this was the best thing that ever happened to me, you're probably going to think wow this lady is nuts. But the truth is that i had to Experience What I went through so that I could be here talking to you today. I would never have done the absolute deep and insightful work of looking inside myself to finally heal the many parts of myself that had little to offer to the world. This part of my journey was certainly not an overnight success, but the life experiences had literally cut off my life force And I had to do this work so that I would no longer feel this pain and an empty place inside. My journey began with surrendering. I had to bring my awareness and focus my energy on what the trauma was that was stored inside of me and creating these feelings. And after many ugly cries, connecting to a higher power, and damn hard work, using everything I learned, I unpacked my bags. What was in there? I found a wounded heart, abandoned soul and an ego that didn’t want to let me get better. When I finally let go of the control, I thought I had in changing my life, an amazing thing happened. Our mother stretched out her hand and brought me some amazing gifts to help me on this journey. Many of the gifts she brought me were the love of complete strangers helping me through this time with their energy’s insights and ideas of what it really meant to heal. As my journey continued, I started to sense something new in myself a new awareness. I was supported by our mother because I finally allowed her to take over and do what she knows how to do best, and I trusted that all the people that were surrounding me at this time where lovingly placed there to help me on this journey. I wanted to thank all these people for their gifts and kindness in helping me on my way and to discover a new way of living and a new way of experiencing life and so I decided that I needed to share these gifts with others. I went out into my world I asked for guidance and support of how I could serve and what I could do to make a difference to someone else’s life. You see I finally had the tools and the capacity to understand that what had been done for me could be done for everyone.

So, in thinking about the lessons and the healing that our mother is asking us to do during this time, let me leave you with some insight. We are being asked to re examine and re discover our connection to ourselves and our connection to our earth family. We need to heal ourselves so we can be ready and able to help one another. This absolutely begins with each of us rediscovering what mothers’ sole purpose has always been for us. And in this way healing for our entire planet begins on the inside of each of us so that we can take it out into the world and share our light and hope with our mother and all her children and shift our thinking from Other to One.